Cocktail Wizardry


Cocktail aficionados can revel in the well-crafted mixtures at Gremium Liquid Perfection. Genius bartenders perform a bit of cocktail wizardry blending, shaking and stirring -- it is pure poetry in motion. From the classics to new favorites your taste buds will be tantalized and the sexy bar will be a local favorite. From a refreshing mint julep to a celebratory kir royale; their expertly crafted mixtures are not only a sight for sore eyes but also positively delicious. Tying in the history of the areas, Bala Roja, or Red Bullet were the cannons shot from the fortifications - some of which still stand today - to protect the city from invaders.

At restaurant Bala Roja, the culinary team looks to tradition and soul within a unique and historical setting in the Calatrava neighborhood, establishing a strong Mallorcan accent and connection in every corner. Here you will find meals infused with a contemporary twist adding a new address to Palma’s gourmet scene. The luxury of simplicity - as in the hotel - is directly transferred to gastronomy in this exciting new restaurant.

The Recipe for a Red Bullet

5 CL Vodka, 5 CL Pomegranate Juice, 5 CL Cranberry Juice

1 Tablespoon watermelon syrup,  1 Tablespoon blackberry syrup

Shake me up with some ice and strain into glass