Roots. History. Product.

May 1, 2019 ... Chef Santi Taura looks to the future as he relocates his eponymous restaurant to the new luxury boutique hotel El Llorenç Parc de la Mar in the Calatrava neighborhood of Palma de Mallorca opening in July 2019. What's unique about the chef and his cooking? Santi researches authentic Balearic recipes and interprets them in his own way – always respectfully acknowledging their origins.


Roots. History. Product.

Chef Santi Taura's cooking is about delivering a gastronomic journey through the lens of history, customs, recipes and products, with respect to each and every season. At the same time, it is about discovering Majorcan cuisine from a current point of view, while considering the past and roots of the cuisine.

Many cultures landed on the island leaving an indelible gastronomic trace. Through various records one can see the preferences of ancestors from the Roman Empire, while Arab cookbooks and Christian texts reveal their cooking methods and secrets. This is a rich tapestry of a gastronomic history unlike anywhere else. It is fitting that Chef Santi Taura continues to create a gastronomic journey based on the rich tradition of the neighborhood which is characterized by its inimitable history and architecture of Christian, Jewish and Islamic influences.

Commitment to the Best Products

Surrounded by the sea, land and mountains, Mallorca provides a dazzling array of products, and Santi maintains close relationships with small producers who help create a link between nature and cooking. It further reinforces our idea in support of using organic materials which help link us to the environment, a recipe of product that's best for the environment.


The Beginning

In 2003 Chef Santi Taura had established his restaurant in the heart of Lloseta and then in 2010 he moved to the former home of his grandmother. It was an unlikely village to find such extraordinary cuisine, but the restaurant has been consistently named as of the island’s top restaurants and it has one of the longest waiting lists in all of Spain. Sixteen years later, he is relocating his restaurant to the heart of Palma’s historic center he will continue to create an exceptional cuisine based on the islands traditional recipes and local products.


Loyalists will be pleased to hear that Chef Santi Taura’s concepts will continue under one roof at hotel El Llorenç Parc de la Mar. In other words, DINS will continue to offer a Balearic tasting menu in which the chef and his line cooks will not only prepare the meal, but present the dishes to the guests. Here they convey the story of each dish as presented; this and the use of ‘Slow Food’ ingredients make dining at DINS Santi Taura an intimate experience with the Chef.

El Llorenç Parc de la Mar is located at Plaza de Llorenç Villalonga, 4, 07001, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook For reservations, please contact: or Tel: +34 971 67 77 70

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