Chef Genestra Opens Bala Roja

Gastronomic Restaurant Opens at Hotel Es Princep

June 1, 2018 . . . A native son of Mallorca from the town of Inca, Chef Andreu Genestra has a wealth of local ingredients from which to indulge in his dishes at the newly opened Bala Roja restaurant located in Hotel Es Princep.

At Bala Roja, the culinary team looks to tradition and soul within a unique and historical setting in the Calatrava neighborhood, establishing a strong Mallorcan accent and connection in every corner. Here you will find meals infused with a contemporary twist adding a new address to Palma’s gourmet scene. The luxury of simplicity - as in the hotel - is directly transferred to gastronomy in this exciting new restaurant.

Menu Choices:  Offering two menus of either 56 Euros for the Es Princep menu or 74 Euros for the Bala Roja menu, you’ll find a loyalty to local produce from the island creating an unforgettable feast for diners.  Both menus consist of an Appetizer, Cocktail, Hot Appetizer, Starters and Dessert and Petit Fours. The 76 Euro menu adds a Pre-Dessert as well as a choice of other dishes.

We want our guests to enjoy our cooking in an excellent environment, to have sensations that they have never had before when savoring our dishes. We want them to follow their senses and feel the same pleasure at the table that we have when preparing the food.
— Andrew Genestra

Pre or post dinner, be sure to pop into Gremium where you will find 'Liquid Perfection' in the form of hand crafted cocktails by extraordinary barman Genestra (no relation to the chef). Frequented and loved by locals.

Hotel Es Princep is a boutique hotel of 68 rooms and suites located in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca, in Barrio Calatrava, Bala Roja 1, 07001 · Palma. This newly constructed hotel has been designed to blend in with the neighborhood. Complete with two stylish restaurants, Mura and Bala Roja, and a sexy cocktail bar , the panoramic rooftop terrace with pool doubles as the perfect spot to sunbathe, watch yachts float by and the masts bob up and down in the harbor. Sunrise, sunset or noon day sun, grab a cava and be dazzled at the sites. Plan your visit soon and let us help you learn how to live like a Mallorcan. For further information please email the hotel at, visit our website or call +34 971 72 00 00. Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.