Línia Restaurant

Opening at Almanac Barcelona this Summer

Línia is the new Mediterranean brasserie with a sharing concept designed to cater to both locals and travelers alike in the heart of Barcelona. The cozy bar features a select cocktail menu along with a choice of regional wines and the sherry of Jerez all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Crossing several time zones, your internal clock may not be in sync with the destination. To help solve the dilemma when hunger strikes, Línia will conveniently serve an all-day dining menu. Have no concerns about siesta closings as the team will be here to satisfy your hunger any time of day.


If sharing is caring - and fun, the restaurant menus have been designed to help create stimulating conversation about choosing appetizing options to please everyone at the table. Charcoal grilled mussels are sure to be a favorite or the irresistible traditional coca bread with tomato and olive oil.


The Catalan region of Spain has a long-standing tradition of producing some of the finest products in the world and Línia has embraced that tradition with their choices of charcuterie, olive oil and the freshest fish from the coast. Native to the city, Chef Sergio Ruiz believes that one should be able to choose a restaurant that can satisfy the needs of a variety of dietary restrictions. Pescatarians can choose from the freshest fish and seafood, the catch of the day, pulpo, gamba roja and more. Vegetarians will have a wide range of options and the restaurant will also cater to those who seek gluten-free items which will be on the menu daily. The entire menu is rounded out with rice dishes, stews, pasta, soup and a fine selection of meats and sauces.

The wines of Priorat and Penedès enjoy great prestige and the cava is a landmark among the world's sparkling wines. In a relaxed atmosphere, skilled barman will also serve an inventive menu of handcrafted cocktails - from the classics to reworked versions - an exceptional choice of spirits, and the sherry of Jerez. Try our specially created Dealer’s Choice made from the finest gin, dry sherry, grapefruit bitters and tonic water. The bar will serve a limited selection of typical favorite vermuth: cod fritters, octopus bomba, ham croquettes and more.

Breakfast Choices

For hotel guests, a complete breakfast is always complimentary. Breakfast is otherwise €35 per person and it is possible to pop in simply for a coffee, freshly made ensaïmada, delicious homemade doughnuts or one of our delicious but healthier options of granola and muesli and even vegan cheese. (Breakfast 7:00 to 11:00)

Executive Lunch Menu

Busy executives who have limited time for dining at lunch can look forward to an exceptional four-course menu that includes a starter, first and second courses, followed by dessert – with one beverage included for €25. Two multifunctional private dining rooms will cater to the needs for larger groups. (Lunch 12:00-16:00)

Merienda - The Sweet Life

Catalonia has outstanding pastisserie, and possibly one of the most varied in Spain. Línia will showcase this best during merienda - the afternoon hour when you need a little something to hold you over - something sweet, between lunch and dinner – to get you through the afternoon. You will have an extraordinary selection of cakes, tarts, and doughnuts to choose from. Let’s not forget churros prepared several different ways, including stuffed, dipped or (sigh) traditional. There will also be chocolate, ice cream and fruit, but please don’t start counting your calories when it’s time for merienda! Limited indulgences can be good for the soul. (Merienda 16:00-19:00)


Location | Reservations | Hours

Guests can access the restaurant directly from 619 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes or through Almanac Barcelona. For further information or reservations please email reservas@liniabarcelona.com or call +34 93 018 7451. Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 11:00 (to 11:30 weekends), lunch from 12:00 to 16:00, tea time/merienda from 16:00 to 19:00 and dinner from 19:00 to 23:00. The bar will remain open until 1:00.