Chef Alfonso Lillo

Turning Up the Heat at Quadrat Restaurante

The award-winning Hotel Sant Francesc in Palma de Mallorca sets a new course at Quadrat Restaurante with the announcement of the dynamic young executive Chef Alfonso Lillo. Affectionately known as ‘Chef Fonsi’ he brings a wealth of experience to the team yet the core of inspiration for his cooking remains close to his Spanish roots.

Before landing at the door of Quadrat, Lillo’s experience has brought him to several continents giving him a distinct understanding of a wide range of gastronomy. Chef Fonsi has been inspired by Chefs Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey having worked side-by-side with their kitchen teams. From the head chef for the Qatari royal family to several restaurants in Spain, his dishes pay respect to often complex flavors yet he clings to his roots of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine.

I’m thrilled by the quality and choice of products that are uniquely Mallorquín. It’s a chef’s dream to have the bounty of fresh local produce that we have on the island, from a vast array of seafood to local pork and lamb. Salt is one of the oldest seasonings used by man and we have some of the finest in the world right here. Add to that the wines that are produced here on the island and there is inspiration at every turn,” says Chef Lillo.

Ilka Karl, General Manager at Hotel Sant Francesc has steered the hotel through a course of receiving an extraordinary list of accolades for a hotel that is less than two years old. The latest recognition came from Conde Nast Traveler’s list of 50 Best Hotels in the World and the hotel reigns as the #1 Hotel in Spain and Portugal within that list. In January of 2017, they were added to Conde Nast Traveler Spain's Gold List, an extraordinary honor.

Chef Fonsi is here at the right time as we begin to make our way through the new year. We’ll continue serving the restaurant's favorite classics, but we’ll explore new seasonal dishes with his unique vision,” says Karl.