Legends of Design

Valdimir Kagan and Jens Risom

On Monday, May 16, at Ralph Pucci International in New York, guests gathered to view the opening exhibition honoring the "Legends" of great design: Jens Risom and the venerable Vladimir Kagan who passed away on April 7th. Following in their footsteps, Pucci showcased the next generation of "Visionaries" who have either created a new collection or are a recent addition to the Pucci stable of artists and designers. The show includes internationally acclaimed, India Mahdavi, lighting by John Wigmore, an instillation by David Nosanchuck for Flavor Paper, and furniture by master craftsmen Chris Lehrecke and Johnny Poux.

Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan is one of the early pioneers of modern design. Sadly, Kagan passed on April 7th, but his passion for architecture and sculpting live on in his latest collections of strong contemporary and uniquely modern furniture. His last design - the Gabriella Chair - was revealed in Miami and is now exhibited in the New York Pucci gallery. With a career that spans forty plus years, Kagan's pieces are timeless and are now considered classics and coveted by collectors for their originality and fine craftsmanship.

A young and stylish Vladimir Kagan

A young and stylish Vladimir Kagan

"Classic masterpieces, like the designs of Kagan and Risom, are everlasting and highly collectible," says Ralph Pucci.

Jens Risoms - Celebrating 100 Years

Jens Risom celebrates 100 years of an extraordinary life and contribution to design. In the 1940's he was one of the first to bring Scandinavian craftsmanship to the United States and was part of a new vanguard that established America’s post-war leadership in modern furniture design and manufacturing. In the last decade Ralph Pucci and Jens Risom have collaborated to create a collection of timeless pieces. Together they reviewed extensive archives and catalogues from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Jens selected pieces that he felt were important to his vision and Ralph choose his favorites to be recreated and produced by the Pucci workshop.