Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder in Exuma

Grand Isle Resort & Spa 

Best described as a combination of wilderness and polish, the Exuma experience begins before you land at Grand Isle Resort & Spa as you fly over the 120-mile-long chain of hundreds of small islands that comprise the Bahamas. The land is beautiful and provides a protected habitat for iguanas, nesting sea turtles and innumerable birds - but it is the "sea" that dazzles. Exuma represents the antithesis of glitz by providing an authentic laid back Bahamian lifestyle experience while Grand Isle provides the ultimate luxury villas to suit the demands of today's modern nomad.

Exuma has stunningly clear water, along with dozens of cays, islets and ivory beaches, making the underwater scenery here some of the best in the world. Below the crystalline surface you will find a mecca for divers and snorkelers with schools of Technicolor fish and fantastically shaped coral in Crayola-bright colors. You'll find spotted eagle rays, barracuda, spiny lobsters and more and won't need to venture far to find them.

Grand Isle Resort is nestled into the perfect crescent shaped beach on Emerald Bay with 78 ocean-front villas. The resort offers the utmost in quality, privacy and space, yet nature remains the focal point with views to the ocean, lush gardens or dramatic fairways of the golf course that lies adjacent to the resort. The hotel's Palapa Grill cat poolside combines the fresh taste of local cuisine to create an unforgettable atmosphere.  

Explore our Playful side!

For the experience of a lifetime, you can swim with pigs! Yes, that's right! This is a bucket list item and one of the most popular attractions in the Bahamas. You'll find that Grand Isle is the perfect base for exploration around the cays. Hop into a boat and begin to absorb the breathtaking nature of this beautiful archipelago.

As the boat approaches one of the small islands you will see the pigs peek out from behind the bushes and then walk toward the beach. Oh, how sweet, but then they actually step into the water - oh my! they swim towards you! You won't be able to resist jumping out of the boat to enjoy a swim with some of the cutest friendliest pigs you will ever see. Of course, the little piglets stay safe on the beach as they watch their parents frolick with the visitors. Read more here